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Emergency Auto Repair Service

Project Details

The main purpose of this project was research and UX. The research part was to find a problem or an “unmet need” (ability to fix a broken a car on the road), target an audience, create personas, analysis of available solutions in the market, and first hand research (conducting interviews).

The findings from the research guided the solutions for this app. The purpose was to fill the gaps and limitations in the current solutions on the market, and make the process of requiring emergent help on the road easier and user-friendly.

The solution comprised of a system for the app where those who find themselves in an emergency on the side of the road can pull up their phone, open the app, choose what’s wrong with their car, and wait for help to come.

FOCUSResearch, UX
site map user flow
This is the User flow and the Sitemap for the app
auto repair app prototype mockup
All the pages of the app