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DeKalb County's Artisan Spirits Brochure

Project Details

DeKalb County’s Convention & Visitors Bureau has different brochures that promote its attractions, the one that was redesigned is promoting local breweries and orchards in the county. This project was an attempt to reimagine how this kind of brochure should be presented and how to make it look more relevant to DeKalb rather than a stock-looking and boring brochure.

DeKalb is famous for its farms, greenery, and history, therefore I chose to take those elements and incorporate them in the brochure through the layout (rectangular shapes), colors, and typography. The brochure is 11×17 inches when completely unfolded, but is 5.5×8.5 inches when completely folded, which is a way to communicate the idea that even though DeKalb is a small town, once fully explored, it can provide a lot.

CLIENTDeKalb County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Old Brochure
*The Old Brochure
Brochure Redesigned
Brochure Redesigned cover page
Brochure Redesigned Inside
Brochure Redesigned Cover
Brochure Redesigned Cover back