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ATypI Conference

Project Details

This branding project was focused mostly on typography since the conference being branded is a typography conference. The conference is held at the American University in Dubai, and thus, I tried to incorporate the concept of integration: Two different languages, two different worlds of typography coming together, English and Arabic.

FOCUSTypography, Branding
atypi Logo iterations
ATypI logo iterations
ATypI Stationery Letterhead Envelope and Business Card
ATypI Stationery (Letterhead, Envelope, and Business Card)
atypi event poster
ATypI Event Poster
Atypi Event Program Booklets Front Cover
Atypi Event Program Booklets Front Cover
atypi event program booklet cover
Atypi Event Program Booklet Cover
Atypi Event Program Booklets inside
Atypi Event Program Booklet Inside
atypi event program booklet inside
ATypI Event Program Booklet Inside
ATypI nametags
ATypI Nametags
atypi tote
ATypI tote
ATypI tshirt
ATypI T-Shirt (spelling "transform")